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Reason(s) For Rejection:- Bad Info

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    Got my dictionary and looked up "selfish" and "ignorant".
    "Selfish" implies it's only about me, but the last reply made by CorporateAv8r shows that other uploaders also have had problems with the selection bar.
    "Ignorant" implies that i don't know much. Well, i'm no biz expert but i did a search on the web using and gave me 24 results. Of these 24, only two were relevant to the topic:

    1- OO-FPA. Cessna Citation Excel

    2- OO-FPA Citation 560-5248

    Looked up the construction number in Aviation Letter and that number (560-524 is listed under type "Cessna 560 Citation Excel".

    So, beiing "ignorant" i choose the closest match in the selection bar. It's therefore not my fault a wrong type is in that menue.....

    Next one: "The screeners are NOT being paid to screen the pics, and it must be very hard work". It's the choice you make, if you take the task of screening pics. In my spare time i'm an editor for a spotter-magazine.
    Don't get paid either, but i'm also not complaining if i have to do a bit extra.

    To close this reply: I mailed Cessna two days ago and today i got a reply from Cessna, regarding the reason for the first rejection. According to them, there's no 'Cessna 560/XL Citation 5' (like in the menue). There's a "Cessna citation V" and there's a "Cessna 560XL" (or "Cessna Excel").
    It seems the primary fault is a mistake in the selection bar. Therefore the selection bar needs to be adjusted and the above line ("Cessna 560/XL Citation 5") needs to be cut in two: "Cessna Citation 560XL" and "Cessna Citation V".

    Just some free advise, at no cost. Now who is ignorant ?
    No appologies needed, just make the adjustments in the selection bar.

    As far as i'm concerned, this subject is closed but i'm willing to debate more about the subject(s).

    Thanks again for all imput.
    Regards, Chris
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