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Best way to resize to 1024x768 on a D300?

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  • Best way to resize to 1024x768 on a D300?

    Hey all,
    I just got my D300 yesterday, and as I was fooling around at the house I noticed that the photos are alot shorter raw then they are wide on the D300.... I was wondering what the best methods were, for the edit to get 1024x768..... Or somthing comparable..... thanks everybody.....

    P.S. this cam is alot better than the sony 1.2 MP I started out with!
    And ill throw in my 4.3 as well.....

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    Is this a new camera?


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      You need to use the photoshop cropping tool. It's not easy to explain unless you're looking at it, so use the 'help' function in PS and key in the word 'crop'.

      The cropping tool enables you to set the dimensions (1024 x 768 in this case) and will present you with a draggable box that keeps this ratio constant. It's pretty simple to use, unless you've taken something full-frame (like a slide shot) in which case you'll have to live with 1024 x ***.

      Edit: Please note that this is not the same as image size>crop as that function maintains the proportions of the original image.


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        thanks for clearing that up..... I found what you were talking about, and as soon as I read it..... It clicked...... Ive had to crop before but didnt pre-set the box. ... Thanks again and happy spotting....


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          No worries. Certainly, on my version of Photoshop (5.0) It's not obvious at all how to do it, on account of the fact that the option isn't actually visible until you hold the marquee icon down


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            1024x683 is the best size to crop to, easy for screeners to view also

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