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Bad motive?

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  • Bad motive?

    3 photos of mine just got rejected for "bad motive"
    what is it exactly?

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    It's literally the motivation for the shot. What are you trying to show the viewer? What is the picture saying? The first two are pretty clear badmotive - they're a little bit flat. My first thought was 'oh, some planes at an airfield' - no particular subject really jumps out at you; are you showing the ramp, the aircraft, or the weather?

    The third one is more subjective. Personally, I really like it, but obviously the screener felt differently, which happens from time to time.


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      All these pictures include too much deadspace (sky). The aircraft are too small and dark.


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        1, and 2 look like quick snapshots without clear intent. 3 was agreat idea, but why cut the tail off? Why not either focus on the whole plane, or the front half...but not a bit of both. Also, it is rather dark.



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          yeah, the 1st 2 weren't planned well at all, but the 3rd one I just sat on the curb behind the plane and saw it. the tail being cut off, though, was kind of a have-to, only because I was only 3-4 ft behind it. not too bad, though.


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            were you trying to capture the weather in the first 2 pics? it must have looked worse in person.
            not too sure about "bad motive"...never really got any good clarification on that term.

            I'm looking for anything and everything Air 21 related


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              yeah, the weather was my intent in the first 2. there was some more stuff just out of the pic, but the worse stuff is what is showing. oh well. hate it when they get rejected for "bad motive". i have a few more pics from that day if yall want to see them.
              thanks for the replies.