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Sharpness settings on a camera

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  • Sharpness settings on a camera

    hey all, its me again.... just thought Id Rile you guys up tonight!!! my question of the day is this, Should you use the sharpen feature on your camera to set the sharpness down? and then USM for more control? or does my Digi Rebel do a good job of managing that, and I could set it higher?.... once again weather has foiled my plans of capturing somthing special, So I havent gotten a chance to try it......
    Thanks Again all....
    -JJR (aka Frogman)

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    I dont know about your camera but I always leave it a sharpness normal.Do all the changes in editing , dont try and edit your pic (in a way) in your camera , just leave it normal
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      Same here, I also use a Digital Rebel/300D and have the sharpness settings as default, all my editing is done in photoshop.

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        On a D100 I usually use the Auto setting, if I know Im only working for the web, then I often use high setting, as it saves some time on post processing.
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          So I take it I shouldn't shoot in a mode other than "Adobe RGB".... Ive been reading the manual and its telling me things about how to use my camera.... but I guess its not sinkin in..... Must be all that jet fuel finally soaking into my brain!!!! thanks guys, ill be sure to take alot of pics, just to see whats what.... -JJR
          I brought my cam to a wedding last friday, and it did great for how dark it was in there.... ( I havent got an aftermarket flash)