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  • Horizon unlevel

    And agian a reject because of Horizon unlevel.
    The horizon is level and the aircraft isn't, the An12 has a tail down position when parked....

    I can't understand why these are rejected by 0,1 degree...
    And this is accepted... Looks not level to me.

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    First of all, thanks for sending emails to all screeners BESIDES starting a topic.

    THEN, posting pics of OTHER photographers, just to ask "why has this pic been accepted, and mine not?" won't get you nowhere.

    Anyway, even if the pic you posted as a comparison is unlevel (which it doesn't seem to me, or at most some 0.1°), then it shows, that we have a small tolerance, provided, that this unlevel horizon doesn't distract too much.

    Your pic however, is one of those cases, which doesn't allow not even 0.001° unlevel horizon without beeing distracting. There are too many vertical lines in the background, which simply are disturbing, if unlevel.

    Besides, the fuzzy edges, probably caused by heat distortion, don't help much either.

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      My apologies for that (The posting of the other picture)
      But it isn't the first time is see accepted pictures wich are unlevel and rejected pictures wich aren't, not only of me but also from other uploaders who I know in person. But that's just the game I guess....

      How can I save this picture? Resize it to a smlle size for the heat distortion. But if I turn it 0.1 degree than it will be unlevel agian because if the hangar doors.

      And also sorry about that mail's. I got back a failure in delivery sent so I thought it didn't worked. And then I tried agian..... and it worked to all of you. Was not my intention.


      "Changing the rules in flying"
      “The only time you have too much fuel is when you’re on fire.”



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        Anyway it is quite easy to see that "unlevel horizon" on that pic. The vertical lines in the background clearly show that the pictures needs a bit off correction. The lines are not vertical.

        There are pictures in which I find it hard to get the horizon level as theyy do not have any good reference in them, but that pic has more then enough reference.