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Help needed for a one of a kind shot...

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  • Help needed for a one of a kind shot...

    I got to fly on a Twin Otter on floats (avatar) and got this picture while inflight... This one got rejected for being too dark, which I can understand. I'd fix it up if I was at home, but I'm at my relatives' house and they have Paint Shop Pro 8 which I'm unfamiliar with... Anyone think they can help?

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    Good morning mate.

    Shots like these where the exposure balance was essentially to blame are difficult to repair. In retrospect exposing for the light outside the windows then using a flash for the interior would be the solution....but too late so I gave it a shot for you. I also found the lean to the left to be offputting. I've aligned the shot to the top of the door frame.

    By all means give it another shot when you get home as I've had to compress the file to fit on here!



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      Playing around with the levels can help brighten those dark areas while leaving the rest of the image (mostly) intact. Here's what I came up with ...

      I use Paint Shop Pro 8. Levels is located under Brightness and Contrast -> Levels. Photoshop will be a bit different, but it has the same tools for the mostpart.
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