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Lowering file size without lowering quality?

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  • Lowering file size without lowering quality?

    Well I think I finally have some photos they will definately accept. They are somewhat rare comparing to the other shots they have (SR-71 and Concorde). I have fitted the photos within the 1600 limit of width in pixels and am satisfied with its look. The problem now is that the photo is 5.48mb disk space. Is this the size of the photo? If so I need to get it down to 1mb in order to upload and that will take some serious quality away from the photo.

    Pleae don't lack to help me just because I am uploading these photos to and not here. I just want to get at least one or two shots there and then add some to here too.

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    If you use photoshop elements, save as JPG. Save at compression of 10, don't go any lower. size could end up as small as 300KB that way too, but if you think you can notice quality decrease (very hard) save with 11 JPG compression.


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      Thanks. I was looking at the wrong place. The photo was actually just 118kb.


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        If you use Neat Image you can set the jpg compression from anywhere between 100 and 1% so you can get the closest to 1Meg as you can keep the compression down to a minimum.