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  • Film to CD to digital

    I had three rolls of film (ah, remember those!) which I asked to have processed onto CD (rather than as prints), with the intention that I could just upload them and do the needful with the various processing tools to submit to JP.

    HOWEVER, the quality of the photos was just too bad to even go that far; I couldn't even read the registrations. My question therefore is this: is it better to select a few good shots from the negative and get these printed and then scanned for submission. My experience is that scanned shots are a lot better in quality (provided of course that the original shots were good!)

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    Sounds like a processing error. They should be a little better then self scanned prints.


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      Proally a print/slide scanner would be the best... but i dono much about em'


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        Shoot slides + a good slide scanner can easily yield god results.

        Look how clean this shot is:


        Taken in 1978!


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          Never ever ever ever get photos from film put onto CD from your camera shop/deveoper. The quality is so dia there not even worth saving on your hard drive. i had the intention to make a easy fix to buying a scanner by doing the same thing you have. Bad idea, for some reason the processors seem to think putting them on at 1dpi is acceptable.


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            Yeah ususally those places only print with consumers who will be emailing snapshots in mind, nothing high quality there. Getting your own scanner would be the best way to go.



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              I just remeber I had film photos put onto prints at ritz camera a long time ago when i was alot younger and didn't know much about photography and the quality came out really crappy... hell the files fit onto a few floppies and they were .bmp's

              If you want it done right... do it yourself... or go to a place that actually knows what they are doing (not the likes of wal-mart, k-mart, walgreens, drug stors, supermarkets, and deffinetly not ritz )


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                You can go to places that "know what there doing" but the photos will still come out the same. The fact of the matter is for your purpouses getting photos straight from film onto CD is not the way to go.


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                  In england, I get mine done by jessops.
                  They come back after diamond laser printing where they adjust the prints before you get them, eg. they correct exposure, backlighting and sharpness and then scann it to roughly 4000x3000 pixels.
                  I feel this is ok to crop about half of the photo and still keep the quality.
                  Just my $0.02
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