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Rejected for being un-level.

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  • Rejected for being un-level.

    This was rejected for Un-level.

    Ok I took the liberity of downloading it into Photoshop and then I increased the size to 1600% and put the grid on it and this is what I got below. See the grid line that is right on the the top of the hanger door and the run that runs down the vertical on the door. Dead on right.

    I put the two pictures on my site:

    and one of my friend asked maybe they were looking at the pole in the foreground so I did the same thing with the pole except I increased to 400% here:

    Now what does every one think?

    It looks perfectly level to me.

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    Why dont you appeal it? Thats the best avenue you have if you dont agree with the screeners.


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      I found the foreground pole looks best when rotated one degree clockwise but then the background looks a little off.
      Sam Rudge
      A 5D3, some Canon lenses, the Sigma L and a flash


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        I reakon to the right a lil.


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          The pole looks alittle slanted even on your grid picture. I would rotate a little to the right. Use the measuring tool in PS.
          Will F.
          Photos: JetPhotos.Net | | General Photography


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            I did appeal it and that one came back as rejected by un-level.

            Every one knows that light poles are rarely straight I think the buliding (hanger) just might be straight. Why am I going to rotate it to make the pole straight when that will make the bulding skewed.

            Is there a screener that could reply please