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I'm new to this forum and have a first question (DC8 @ DUS)

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  • I'm new to this forum and have a first question (DC8 @ DUS)

    Hi Spotters,

    I am new to this Site and have already uploaded a couple of shots to the database. Some days ago, a white Whale was transported from Dusseldorf, DUS (EDDL) Germany to SanDiego and a DC8, which are quite rare in Germany nowadays (pretty much like everywhere) vistited DUS.

    Departure time was around 21:00 local, so as you can imagine taking shots was not the easiest thing.

    I submitted two of the shots, which were rejected. My question now, how can I edit/improve the shots to fit the standarts and get it accepted ?

    here are the shots :
    Reason :
    - Obstructing Objects/Foreground Clutter
    - Undersharpened (Soft)

    p.s. I tried to sharpen the image with sharpening effects, but they did
    not to make the picture better, it was looking oversharpened then.
    Reason :
    - Overexposed

    I will add the two images as unedited shots too, just for you to check them out and see if you find them better in any ways.

    thanks in advance to all help.

    have a good time on your local airport !!!


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    Over exposed, the back round is cluttered...i think this would be good for your personal collection...
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      I think there is nothing that can be done to save those pics.

      The foregroundclutter in teh first canīt be removed by cropping.

      The second is heavily backlit.
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