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Help, need help scanning on a HP 1315

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  • Help, need help scanning on a HP 1315

    Hello everybody.
    I used to use a Lexmark LX85 to scan my pics and the size was fine. But now I have a HP1315 all in one, and i'm having problems. When I scan a picture it'll cut off the top quarter of the picture leaving the picture very narrow. For example, i'm trying to scan a picture of a Hawkeye awacs on static display but when I scan it'll take off most of the upper part of the picture. (i hope you know what i'm talking about)
    This even happens when I scan at 200 or even 2400 resolution.
    If anyone has suggestions it would be great

    Figures I have a whole crapload of pictures from 2 airshows (15 rolls) and I can't scan any of them


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    You should use a negative/slide scanner to scan pics.


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      I'm just doing with what I can afford, I can't afford a negative/slide scanner.