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    Originally posted by PIAA310
    Looks a bit weird
    Not really any weirder than any other part of the photo.
    Will F.
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      This is slightly off-topic. I think you are confusing "contributor" and "consumer". That sentence would work well with the word 'consumer' in it, but seeing as though this is an ENTIRELY free site so far, that sentence loses a lot of the weight it would otherwise have had behind it.
      Iīll not even answer you because I know it wonīt change your opinion as much as your post didnīt change mine..I hope you understand!

      Theres no reason to get mad at your rejections, Hell i have a lot of rejections...
      Iīm not mad,in fact,I think that if I get more calm Iīll sleep

      Also, i noticed this in the 2nd picture...
      I didnīt looks kinda soft I donīt know why,but one percent more of unsharp mask and itīll be a total lost(it is already oversharpened,accordding to the screeners really is).
      I hope you didnīt meant the LAN sticker to cover LAN CHILE titles..
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