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Loss of quality after uploading?

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  • Loss of quality after uploading?

    I've been spending a lot of time editing various pics in my photo editing software. Once uploaded I view them full size whilst in the queue but some of them don't appear as good on screen on the site as they do as the finished article on my hard drive. I'm fairly new to the whole jpnet experience so any advice appreciated. Thanks.

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    JP has compression software. The imagage file size is also smaller. Try uploading a potrait shot and it stands out like dog's balls.


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      I used to have the same problem on my computer, and I never figured it out..... people holler about JPEG compression and all that jazz, but I set the settings to the lowest compression I could, and it still looked wierd...... I know I didnt help you at all with this reply, but atleast you know your not alone.... the only thing I can think of is if theres a setting on the upload part of the internet that you can change or somthing, to take more time in sending it in.....

      Welcome to the fourm!!!


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        Or you could read the post above yours, with the answer in it

        It's compression software (or coding- one of them) You have no choice. File size is smaller too.

        Potrait shots get compressed to buggery.


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          Thanks. I'll keep experimenting with different settings. I'll post again if I'm getting nowhere. It's odd that I've had some accepted without any editing on low resolution which I thought weren't that good. Pot luck sometimes I guess!