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  • What to do?

    I already have this shot in the database:

    But I also have this one (below), which I don't know what to do with because I think its better since it shows the whole terminal and more a/c, but there is more dead space. If I upload the one below it will probably get rejected for being too similar, but if I re-submit* it to replace the old one it might get rejected since its not the same shot.

    * Without the copyright text and JPEG compression of course

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    I personally think you should stick with the one you already have in the database. The one posted above, almost has an empty feeling to it since all of the action is concentrated in such a small horizontal section.


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      I agree with Mark.

      However, if you really want the 2nd one in, just file for a deletion on the 1st one. And submit the new one.
      Will F.
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        Yea, on second thoughts I'll just stick with the one I already have