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Can someone help me with this?

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  • Can someone help me with this?

    This is my first post since returning from our Christmas trip. I'll post a trip report when I can.
    While we were waiting to get to our gate at ATL, this DL 763 N842MH taxiied by my side and I got this shot. I was wondering how it looked. I'm kinda worried the nose is a bit overexposed because it was taken about 11am. I'm wondering if this is uploadable.

    I was up at the airport yesterday and got the privilege of watching this R-44 take off. Unfortunately, there are massive dust spots. Can someone help me with those?This is the one i edited already and just need those dust spots taken care of.

    And I also got the privilege to watch the B-25 "Devil Dog" come in and do some circuits. Comments are welcome. I'm starting to get the motion blur down.

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    I couldn't do too much with the first one. I'm not good at cloning but once you get the dust spots out of the second one it should make it. It's a great shot.
    The last one is purely awesome! It looks maybe just a tad blurry at the nose, but otherwise I love it!


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      Yeah, that's all I'm worried about on the last one is the nose.


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        Well the B-25 got booted for being backlit. Oh well though.