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"what is considered a bad motive?"

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  • "what is considered a bad motive?"

    I have some shots of an F-18 getting de-iced. Now I took some shots of them from the back and the nose which I think are pretty cool, but don't want to waste rejections or processing shots if a rear angle is considered a bad motive?

    I know this is up to the consideration of each screener, but if there were some examples of what is highly considered "bad" maybe it could help us not waste the screener's time uploading something we would have a pretty good idea not getting accepted?

    I would consider this a bad motive, I think it's a cool shot, but not something that should get uploaded as all I'm trying to capture is the heat blur coming out of the engine.

    appreciate any help from the admin's who might set the "standards" for the screeners.

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    Cant answer the bad motive question, but i love the hornet getting de-iced, and if the F-15 maybe had the burner lit then i would upload it, a bit more exciting shot in my opinion.


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      I like it, its not very common to see a fighter getting de-iced.

      "Sorry Goose, but it's time to buzz the tower!"


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        thanks, I'll try the Hornet later when I hear back. I have it from all angles.

        But here's a shot that to me, makes my point.

        What motive does this have, or a shot of a bunch of seats in an airliner? These IMO are more "snapshots". Isn't "motive" as something that drove you to shoot the picture?

        I mean no disrespect to the photographer because look at the number of views this and those other shots receive, just trying to get a better understanding.

        per the quidelines,
        Bad Motive
        Means we are not sure what you are trying to show us with your picture, what is the motive for the shot? It can also mean that your picture is not sufficiently aviation related for us to accept-this is particularly the case with window view shots which must either be an overview of an airport or have a significant amount of the aircraft in view and be visually appealling, a wingtip plus a few clouds is not what we are looking for here. Be careful with airport views too, an overview of the front of an airport is usually ok but a picture of some random people in coffee bars is not.


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          I think the pictures should be bad angle rather than bad motive.