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Canon EOS 300D - Quality setting

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  • Canon EOS 300D - Quality setting


    Those of you familiar with the Canon 300D (and I'm assuming it's similar for other Canon digitals) might be able to help me with this.

    On the menu, there are six different settings for quality, two large, two medium, two small ... then RAW. I've never used raw, so let's focus on the others.

    I have had mine set on the lower of the medium settings and I'm just wondering if that's that's sufficiently refined for uploads. My rate of uploads is only about 1/3 to half, at best and perhaps I should use one of the "large settings".

    Is it safe to say (all other things being equal - quality of subject, horizon level, yada, yada, yada ...) that the higher the quality, the better the chances it has of becoming uploaded; one concern I had was that when I reduce it, the compression might be too much - I know that can be a reason for rejection. However, most of my rejections are for "soft/undersharpened" - which might be cured by a higher quality setting - but which?

    Also, is there any image stabilisation on the 300D; I have a slight shake in my hands - not too bad, but I wonder if it might affect my photos and if I/S might be the answer?

    (Edited for final question: on the round dial, what is the best selection. I've been using Av - or aperture priority; is this suitable - or is there a better selection?)

    Thanks for any help you can give me!
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    I use Large/Fine.

    The camera has no IS built in, but there are lenses with IS functions which may help depending on how much shaking you have. It doesn't work well for shivering though


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      First of all, if you don't shoot RAW, shoot large fine JPG. That way you have less JPG compression and the highest possible resolution.

      Regarding IS, see Genessees reply.

      If the pic shows too much JPG compression artefacts, it will be rejected with the reason "JPG compression". This can be caused either by a too high compression setting and/or by saving the pic too much times.

      If your pics have been rejected for beeing too soft, I suggest you try other sharpening techniques.

      On normal light conditions, I mostly use AV on my D60 and 20D and use something around F8 to F10 and try to get and fast enough exposure time, depending on the focal length and the effect I want to achieve.

      That's it so far.

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        If you are not shooting in RAW then with the 300D set it to the large fine setting, the top setting in the shooting mode menu, this will give you the best results