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  • I need your help!

    hey guys,

    just got this one rejceted due to be blurry and soft.

    but i edited it again and uploaded it:

    what do you think about this one ?
    and now another question.

    also got this lovely tu-154 rejected due to backlit.

    although my friend and j.netter took a similar pic, which was accepted.

    i have now some other shots of the plane. do you have any advices or recomments which one i should upload? i really like this plane

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    first one is still blurry but now has halos around letters from sharpening..i would say it will be rejected..the second one is definitely backlit..your friends has a different angle on that plane
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      As another Olympus user, yes the 2nd one has, and will have backlit. And the first one without cropping it too much may look sharper


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        Have to agree, the re-processed DBA still looks a little soft, send me the original and I'll have a good crack at it, the Tu-154 you have uploaded is backlit where as your friends has the sun slightly on it thus making it acceptable.Hope this helps you, nice shots though, keep trying and you will certainly get there


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          I'll hold my hand up to being one of the partners in crime regarding the first rejection. Although the improved version which you currently have queued looks much sharper and stands a better chance of being accepted