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RAW shooter Essentials 2005 help please.

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  • RAW shooter Essentials 2005 help please.

    Hi all,
    Im using RAW shooter Essentials 2005 to convert my RAW images, so far so very good, but one thing Im struggleing to get right is the colour, they seem a little colourless

    Im also unsure about which of the following appearances are the correct one to use:

    Flat Look
    Indoor Normal
    Indoor Medium
    Indoor Strong
    Outdoor Normal
    Outdoor Medium
    Outdoor Strong

    If any one can help me with these problems that would be great, also any constuctive advice will be greatfully recieved.

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    I usually use flat when I convert it and then make all the necessary adjustments in CS2. If your using just RSE to do all the editing to your pictures, then you will have to play with the saturation and contrast a little to get them out of that bland colour stage you seem to be encountering.
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      ok thats great, many thanks for your help, Im simply converting them in this programme and making the odd adjustment here and there. I will be using photoshop 7 to do the rest, so I'll see how it goes, many thanks again


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        I'm still finding getting the colours to look warm and most importantly correct a little hard, it seems there is a purple-ish hue to them they always look cold, this is really bugging me, any ideas anyone? Also does anyone out there know a good FREE RAW programme that I can use that is good? Thanks peeps


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          Are you using the same colour profile for RSE & Adobe - I tried using the Adobe RGB in PS but found that the SRGB used by RSE gave better results when used in PS.

          I tend to use outdoor normal when converting as most aircraft are shot outside. Will try experimenting with flat to see if this helps.

          Am fairly new to RSE myself but seem to find the images quite noisy - even shoting on 100ISO. (Canon 20D)