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    Hi, awesome site by the way. I'm getting used to my new 20D and all it's functions and require some help with image processing. Just wondering if someone can show me what processing can do to this image if it's worth it.

    Cheers, feedback appreciated.

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    Not bad but the image is backlit.


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      Yeah, your going to want to start with the sun behind you before you worry about post processing. Are you sure this was taken a 20D?


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        Says it was taken with a 20D in the exif


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          Hi Jim! Welcome to the site. Aside from being backlit, the most obvious thing that stands out about this image is that it is not level, its uncentered and its a wee bit small in the frame....all things that can be corrected.

          Now, once its cropped properly and leveled out there are some other things that may need to be done....namely: sharpening, colour adjustment etc.

          There are some excellent workflows for aviation photo processing on this site. Start by reading the "Jid Method" located in a link just under Jid's banner.
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            thanks fr comments guys, yes I'm sure it was with a 20D, I know, I've got a lot to learn but that's what I'm trying to do. I've found JIDs workflow, it's awesome and a great step by step process. Will give it a go with some other pictures.

            Thanks again.