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    I followed Jid's workflow to try and get this image upto scratch, I tried to level it, and a Bit of USM and fixed brightness and contrast +hue. but the cessna still seems unsharp or blurred abit. Any way this can be fixed?

    Here is the Original. It probably lost some quality as it was 2mb and I had to reduce it to 450kb to fit

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    Sure I'll give it a whirl it's Friday night and I'm not doing anything interesting.


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      Thanks for the help, but I dont think any amount of editing will bring this one up to the standard looks like one for the personall collection


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        I tried it in Photoshop, but the backlight kills it right away. Also, try o fill the photo with your subject. I had to crop a lot away, which is another quality killer.

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          Thanks for trying. Thats as close as I wanna get to an Aircraft thats about to startup, Doesnt help when I only got a wide lens.


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            Its till a bit unlevel as well....try to pick an object that you know should be straight vertically and make sure it is. In this case I would try to use the windsock pole under the right wing on the taxiing aircraft (or even the horizon line itself). Using that as a guide, I would say it still needs some CCW adjustment.
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