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Bad colour Rejections!

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  • Bad colour Rejections!

    Ive Noticed in last couple of Shots ive submitted ive had 2 rejected for Bad Colour.
    This one i got rejected , appealed as i thought it seemed alright and was accepted.
    But now i got this one rejected and this one to me seems alright too?
    Anyone able to offer some assistance on whether the colours in the images arent meeting the JP Standards and what i need to fix?

    Cheers Mark.
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    1st shot seems soft to me, could be my monitor though.
    2nd seems to have a soft blue hue over it. Try playing with the levels abit see what you can come up with...

    Just a couple of minutes on photoshop will get you something like this...Had issues with sharpening as i dont have the original to work with, but the colour seems more level now.


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      First one seems a tad over saturated on my monitor, 2nd a little bit blue-ish, as Dan pointed out.

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        Agree with Gerardo, seemed a little to bright even for that scheme!


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          Dan and Gerardo thanks your feedback on getting it accepted.
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