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  • Crop vs Resize

    If I crop an image, from 3072x2048, to 1024x683, And I take more pixles in the crop than 1024x683, isn't that the equivilent of a resize? or is it better to resize the image, then crop off the edges? Is there a deffinate quality diffrence to resizing vs. crop? Just wondering....

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    If you enlarge an original image to its full size on your PC monitor you'll see it looks pretty awful really -- fuzziness, noise, halos, you name it. Resizing is necessary if you want to stand a chance of getting the edited photo to standards.

    Some editing software packages allow you to crop and resize in a single step, but the principle remains the same: the more you resize, the better the quality of the end result.

    Hope I've understood your question right.


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      I will usualy crop to the desired frame, then resize the photo in incriments to preserve quality and minimise compression set by photoshop in the re-sizing process.


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        Thanks Charles and Dan!! I'll give it a go and see what happens!!!