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    Yeah theres a huge ass bit of fence on the left hand side of the photo.


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      Well, I'm sorry, but I fail to see where this "huge ass bit of fence" is. There is a possibly a marginal sense of a darker hue towards the left of the picture, but I personally cannot see that it affects the overall picture in any way.

      In my view this is a perfectly acceptable photograph. However, I am not a screener and never will be. So I'll bow to your superior knowledge and experience.

      But I still like the picture and I would be happy to have one like that in my collection.

      BTW, Gerardo, I haven't put a grid on it to check the level, so I'll take your word it's slightly tilted. Where did you take the level from Rob?



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        I used the red and white tower in the distance to judge the level. However I do agree that the buildings do look like they are slightly sloped to the left. I'm having trouble agreeing with the foreground clutter thing. I'm sure I had my lens through one of the holes in the fence. It's not as bad as this effort I took though...........


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          Well Andy, I as a screener do find an obstruction such as fence along 1/3 of the photo rather distracting and it takes away hugely from the aesthetics of the photo. As Rob has pointed out in the second photo its not easy to get your lens through these small holes in the viewing deck withought getting obstructed by the fence leading to results such as these. If the original picture didnít have the fence obstructing the lens then yes it would be a nice picture and probably one we would accept but as it is its just not acceptable into the DB. You win some, you loose some. Definitely one for the personal collection.


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            Or buy a Pentax istD/Sigma 50-500 combination and you don't need to travel to Japan for that same effect........................both sides of the photo!
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