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A couple more rejections advice please

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  • A couple more rejections advice please

    Too much jpeg compression on these two. Went through my usual editing process to reduce image size to 1024 across and these are the only ones that had this reason.

    Digitally manipulated? Only adjusted the levels/curves as I do with all my pics.
    Any advice appreciated.

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    The first two around the edges make the plane have several jagged edges, almost like Legos when one sticks out more then another.

    The third one, the color looks fake, you really need to be careful with the levels and curves, a little too much one way or another make certain areas of the photo look fake or over enhanced, the color of the grass and the airplane itself on the last one stick out to me. You will also see on the third one, the inboard flaps are really jagged.


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      I can't really see what you mean about the jpeg compression on the first Garuda. Is it more a question of oversharpening on the second rather than compression? I've realised that I started another thread about the Aeroflot already!!


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        On the first shot theres also a big dust spot near the bottom corner on the left.