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    Hi everyone.
    Since I have no means to photoedit, due to lack of software and knowledge, I would be really happy if someone would help me (read: do it for me ) edit one or more of these, or tell me if they are acceptable or not-
    Thanks alot!
    PS. If you want the origionals, tell me and I'll send them.

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    There are free editing packages available to download, one of the most popular being GIMP. Just google it and you'll find it.


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      OK, that takes care of the software part... got anything for the lack of knowledge ? (IE Tutorial?)


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        Originally posted by US Airways
        OK, that takes care of the software part... got anything for the lack of knowledge ? (IE Tutorial?)
        Go for a search on web. Try "processing digital photos" or "digital photo editing" can even go as far as to search for photo processing of aircraft and find sites to help you.
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          I should probably rephrase myself: I don't have an eye for photoediting yet. If you would ask me to point out two wrong things in those photos, I wouldn't be able to do it. If you guys could tell me what's wrong with them, I could probably be able to find out how to fix them. So, what I really need is to know what needs fixed. Anybody mind taking a peek?


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            Well start reading the tutorials on this and other sites, no one here was born with the knowlege of photos that we have. I'm more than certain most of the guys in this hobby learned what to do and how to do it by reading tutorials and with trial and error.

            Now with the photos you've provided, they all have lighting problems. In the first one for example, do you see how most of the plane that is visible is in the shadows, thats backlit. Next time shoot with the your light source at your back, this will prevent a backlit shot. For example, in the first shot you'd want to be standing on the left side of the aircraft, with the light behind you. Also if you do want people to help you with editing, it would be helpful for you to provide the full size original.

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