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neat imaged?

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  • neat imaged?

    I appealed and the admin comments were:
    "The photo looks very neat imaged."

    I know, or I think, that this is referring to some sort of noise reduction software, so maybe someone could explain what it is and how it relates to my photo.

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    If anything, the a/c is way to far. Its like 5% of the whole image.

    EDIT: For the neat image part, some parts of the picture look blurry, I guess thats why it was rejected.


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      First of all the plane is way too far away. Regarding the digital manipulation rejection, part of the photo (like the airplane) looks "washed out" soft, and that is a common thing you'll see what a program like neat image has been used and overdone.

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        As Bruno said, the A/C is very far away....I guess I can understand where you were going with this shot as far as an artistic perspective goes. The A/C doesn't appear to be focused well, which would give you one strike right from the start as the DB's focus is aircraft.

        As far as the digital manipulation, I would say that it was probably because most of the larger structures are very smooth and slighty blurred in appearance (lacking any detail on the larger flatter parts of the structures) which can be caused by over use of the noise reduction. I say the main one that stands out to my eye, is the large white highrise in the middle left of the frame. The edges appear smudged and theres no detail at all to the wall.
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          to be honest it looks like you just cut n pasted a pic of a southwest plane from somewhere else.

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            Well it was a quick grab shot from a boat so I figured if it was going to be rejected it would have been for the a/c being too far away, but the "neat imaged" junk was a bit perplexing to me.

            Longreach747, I can assure you that I did not do that.

            Anyway thx for the help guys.


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              I use Neat Image occasionally and as others have suggested, the soft look may have convinced whoever looked at the photo that this program or simlar had been used. If you have a look at the water, or trees, there is not much definition, which is usally and indicator of this.



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                What's causing the white borderline or halos to appear around the aircraft ???
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