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Who needs help with their scans / rejects?? We can help you!

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  • Who needs help with their scans / rejects?? We can help you!

    Ever scanned a photo, downloaded a digital image from your camera, worked like mad on it and thought

    1) Doesn't quite look right??
    2) but don't quite know what to do with it


    1) It looks great, I'm going to upload it to
    2) It got rejected

    Well if you are suffering from either syndrome, the crew of screeners at are here to try to help you.

    What can we offer you??
    1) Some experience in post photo processing
    2) Some experience in photography
    3) Time and effort to try to help you get your photos uploaded.

    We would love to see your images uploaded here. "We look for reasons to accept, not reasons to reject" is our motto.

    Therefore, if you have a photo would you would like us to work on, whether rejected or sitting on your hard drive, this is what you can do:

    1) Start a thread in this forum titled Request for help : (Insert name)
    2) Tell us what the problem is in the message body
    3) Upload the full size image using the screen when you are posting messages in the'll see it on the left hand side and it says

    Upload Images:
    Upload images from your computer to our server, for inclusion in your post, conveniently and free of charge.

    or read this thread

    4) After that one of the screeners will take the photo, try to work on it and bring it up to a good enough quality for upload.

    So you'll get one of two results (a) A photo good enough to get past us screeners or (b) You'll know to move on and say "that one is for my personal collection" and hopefully will have picked up a few tips on how to process and what meets the standard here. Whenever we can, we'll try to let you know what we did.

    Hope this helps everyone and looking forward to trying to work with your photos.

    Another part of the customer oriented, open culture that we are trying to have here at jetphotos. net.

    Andrew Hunt and the Rest of the Screener Team

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    This sounds like a great idea and I hope it becomes a useful tool for fellow contributors past and present. On a personal level I would love to see Jason's PS tutorial taken a step further, I often hear people referring to masking an image and despite my best efforts with the online manual (PS7) I don't seem to be able to use this technique, a good explanation of how to use the levels function would also be really helpful as this is another area that I just don't know very well.

    I've learnt a lot mostly from the forum on how to improve my PS technique and would love to learn more and maybe turn some of those borderline pictures into acceptable ones!

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      I just got a rejection from It says photoshop has a feature which reduces grain. I am yet to come across this feature. What is it and where is it??


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        mine is here need help now

        here is mine


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          Originally posted by SWA733Captain
          I just got a rejection from It says photoshop has a feature which reduces grain. I am yet to come across this feature. What is it and where is it??
          I'm wondering too.


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            I have a few questions, maybe u guys can help me.

            I have a UMAX Astara 3400:

            I scan at 600 DPI= Should i scan at more DPI?

            How can I make my pictures less darker?

            How can I make them less granier?

            Thanks, please help me out. All my pictures say BAD QUALITY in the reject so, if you would id be very happy!

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              regarding your questions:
              • scan at the highest possible optical resolution and then resize your pictures in a photo editing program
              • increase the gamma value
              • if you don't already use them, take ISO 100 films; in your photo editing program, apply some blur to plain monochrome areas and use a higher threshold when using USM
              Happy Spotting!

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                Sorry to be blunt, but I don't think he's familiar with USM, monochrome areas, ISO or gamma...
                Jasons PS tutorial is a good start.



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                  Need help with my pictures.

                  Oh man this is like a dream that comes to reality!

                  Hey guys thank God for this. I've had a really hard time with the "edit" part of my pictures, I have great pictures but whenever I scan them they look granny, soft and the colors are like dead. PLEASE help me I have many many pictures that I would like to upload.

                  Please help me they are all sitting in the cold side of my hard drive.


                  <IMG SRC=>

                  my pictures never show here on the forum why is that?
                  (got Boeing?)



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                    Re: Need help with my pictures.

                    Here ya go...

                    You are using HTML instead on BBCode. You do this...[img]URL HERE[/img]


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                      Thank you Mr. Captain
                      (got Boeing?)



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                        Remember "Virtual Captain"


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                          Here. Good luck



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                            Can't do much since the original pic is too compressed. If you could upload a less compressed picture it could come out better.

                            Remember, try uploading images without modifications right out of the camera/scanner to try to help you.




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                              I would, but the file size is too big to upload here