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Techniques for centering.

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  • Techniques for centering.

    For some reason I feel like centering is one of the hardest things to do for me. I try using the grid to do it but that doesn't always work for me, or I'm doing it wrong. Can someone give me some advice so I can avoid bad center rejections? I hate having an otherwise acceptable picture rejected for that reason.

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    I just try and get the fuselage in the center of the shots.


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      There is no right or wrong regarding centering. Try to compose a photo following your feeling and look at the result.

      Example: If you center an side-on photo of an aircraft on approach (only the aicraft and sky visible) and center the fuselage, it will mose probably look odd, as the wing will make it look unbalanced. But if you have another background, for example a tower, it will look much different.

      And then of course you have the rule of thirds, which helps in many situations.

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        I think centering is the easiest thing to do. Just make sure there is same space between the top , bottom and left and right of the subject.


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          yep thats what I do, I pull up the grid and make sure the amount of squares above the aircraft matches the amount under it.

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            Post a "centered" rejection for comment.
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              Here ya go Greg.


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                A little high in the frame


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                  Too high in frame.....

                  If you are using the grid you will see the center mark as in the above.
                  You are usually right with this on the center of the fuselage,or window line.
                  You have had this problem for a while now................time to eliminate this from
                  your rejections.
                  Why is your camera set to EV- 0.7 on a relatively clear day?
                  Underexposure is your next problem
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                    I set it to 0.7 because at 0.3 they were being overexposed. The sun was pretty bright. Besides, that can be corrected as well.


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                      Originally posted by JordanD
                      ..........................Besides, that can be corrected as well.
                      Not if you fail to capture enough detail.
                      The image can be altered,not corrected.
                      The image you posted is underexposed,look at the detail on the fuselage.
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                        I usually try to center it so that it looks good to me. I don't usually pull up a grid, or measure the spacing. I just crop around the image so that it looks properly centered "to my eye".....aesthetically pleasing if you will, and I have had very few uncentered rejects.
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                          Centering the aircraft, just to make sure there is same space between the top , bottom and left and right of the subject is not always the best method. As mentioned, a side-on shot of an aircraft on approach is best centered by centering the window line. But there's more, as show with a few examples:

                          [photoid=5690146] The aircraft itself is too high. With a grey or blue sky alone as background, it would look awkward. With the runway just a few meters under the aircraft, it looks far better that way, than centering the aircraft.

                          [photoid=5679540] I guess it speaks for itself. The message would be totally different, if the aircraft had been centered.

                          [photoid=5667668] Another very good example of a good composition, by dividing the frame in three horizontal areas with the grass line at the bottom and the wing line above.

                          Just a few examples, where centereing an aircraft is not everything.

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                            great examples Gewrado !!


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                              would you please have a look on these two rejections.



                              Two me the centering looks OK. I'll try not to center the plane on such shots because the tail would look too high for me. Any help would be appreciated since I had so many centering rejections lately when doing side-on approach pics.

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