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  • Missing photo?!


    I've just got the latest batch of photos going through right now, but there were 2 - about half an hour ago. One was an Indian Air Force Canberra (rejected) and the other was a Varig MD11, coming into LHR ... which seems to have disappeared.

    It's not in rejected photo; it's not accepted and it's not in the queue. Any idea what might have happened? The reg was PP-VTJ. Unfortunately, I don't have the queue number.

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    What name do you upload under?


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      Or better, inform the admins your Photo-ID number ..

      Edit: Wrong. I meant your photog. ID.
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        Originally posted by MaxPower
        Or better, inform the admins your Photo-ID number ..
        He said that he lost the queed photo ID


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          Originally posted by pkonowrocki
          He said that he lost the queed photo ID
          I meant His (Photog. ID, not the actual photoid ID number as it says on my previous post.

          Disregard that.
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            Hi guys, the photo id number was 5702212.

            Subsequent to my first post, I received the submission results email, which I've pasted below.


            However, the photo does not appear in my list of rejected photos and when you click on the link to the photo, it says "no photo matches this id number".

            However, at least I know why it was rejected, so I'll work on that and re-upload!


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              Whilst the photo/photog id number was what the member's wanted they can't help you! I was trying to help by asking for your database name which I can use to investigate.

              It looks like your shot was added to the database in error:

              MaxPower and pkonowrocki, when a crew member has responded to a query could you please refrain from confusing matters?!
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                Oh dear!

                No problem; don't worry guys, I'm not offended!

                However, it's still not included in my list of photos in the Member's section; there should be 334, but it still shows 333 - this RG MD11 isn't included. Can someone look into getting this corrected?


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                  Sorry to AJ, I apologize to Akerosid !
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                    Still not credited?

                    This photo still isn't in my list ... can it be added.

                    It is in the database, with 137 views so far, but not included in my photos. Can the administrators add it to my statistics?



                    Look on the bright side guys; it's like the Greek Olympic committee member who accidentally pressed the wrong button. You may not have got the result you wanted, but just as that resulted in the Olympics going to London, you've ended up with almost as valuable a coup - a lovely, shiny and (though I say so myself) rather lovely looking MD11.