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Photoshop People Please Help With Photo. :)

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  • Photoshop People Please Help With Photo. :)

    The other day I got up at 5am to capture a sunrise panaromically. The individual photos turned out well, but because the sun image was a little underexposed it was very difficult to mesh.

    I would be for ever grateful to anyone who is able to fix the panaromic up in photoshop a little as my skills are not up to it.

    I don't expect miracles but I'd love to see the horizon to the right (mainly) and left of the sun fixed. Also underneath the right mis-aligned horizon is the transparent piece of land, i'd love to see that fixed. Finally to the left of the sun there is a little boat in the ocean, where that is you can tell 2 photo's were meshed togeather, if there was a way to fade that line that would be awsome. If there is any other flaws I've missed and they can be fixed that would be awsome too.

    Thanks in advance for anyone kind enough to offer assistance.