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  • ref rejection for 901727


    Tried to email the screeners via the contact page but received an postmaster return mail message but need to clarify the image.

    Thanks for the feedback on this image. I agree it is dark, unfortunately I didn't realise my monitor brightness had been moved from its calibrated setting. I will make a few adjustments to see if I can correct this.

    Reference digitally manipulated: This is an actual image, it was taken through the flight deck window whilst waiting for departure at holding point Y7 at CDG. I have the raw file and can supply if necessary. I thought it important to clarify this as I see, and agree, that the manipulation of photos and trying to pass them as original is not acceptable.

    In the mean time thank you for working quickly through the que and accepting a good number of my images. I hope that I can supply many more images to the database for the enjoyment of visitors to the site in the future.

    Best Wishes
    Steven Draper

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    Hi Steven - The digital manipulation rejection is also used if a noice tool has been used and over done. It does not always mean that we think that the photographers has removed or added things in the photo

    Soren Madsen

    Spotting guide to CPH


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      Thanks for your reply, I may also need to adjust noise ninja a bit as well then! I had underexposed in order to keep the highlights and then lift the mid and shadows to get the image. I'll have another go and re-apply if I can get it to work.