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Request for help: Overexposed

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  • Request for help: Overexposed

    This image

    was rejected for the following reasons:
    -Parts missing

    I can see the cropping could be imporved, although I have had images accepted where a small part of the horizontal stab was not included. I cropped it based upon the nose and the winglet. Anyway, recropping is easy. I am wondering about the "Overexposed". Can someone please explain how to adjust the exposure in Photoshop CS2? Be as specific as you can, as I am a total newbie with Photoshhop. I am including a second copy of the image that I have recropped and leveled, nothing else. I will gladly supply the original image in a private message or email to anyone that wants to work with that. It is 2MB so I can't put it here.

    Thanks for your help in learning the ropes on this stuff.


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    Yes the second one is an acceptable crop.
    There is no problems cutting off parts of wings etc.but it must look right.
    The angle of this photo doesn't allow you to crop close to the vertical stabaliser without the wing/horizontal stabiliser appearing "chopped"

    To me,a tough call on the exposure.
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      Nose section is slightly overexposed but as Greg said. Tough call.


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        Harsh call on exposure - if skin panels lines are still visible then exposure is pretty good as these would be lost if overexposed (esp on a white aircraft)

        Having said that I have had a rejection for being over exposed and underexposed on at the same time - go figure


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          A photo can also been overexposed, when you can't see any gradient anymore, for example from the windows to the top of the fuselage. The ATA pic looks good IMO.

          Paul, a photo can indeed be rejected for both, under- and overexposure, if there's too much contrast with this result - go figure

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            Also remember that a rejection given with more then one reason, does not mean that every one of them was bad enough to reject the pic, but that the combination was enough to reject the pic. In case of the ATA it means crop differently (like you did) and see if you can work on the exposure in post processing. There is potential in the pic, as the highlights are not blown. If your editing program is able to play with curves you wanted to use an adjusted S-Curve that slightly takes away brightness from the hightlight areas, while slightly increasing the exposure of the darker parts, while keeping the midtones as they are.