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Another one of those "digital manipulation" rejects

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  • Another one of those "digital manipulation" rejects

    Ok folks,

    here is the story. this scan of a slide ( taken in the early nineties ) has been rejected for the above reason :-

    Ok, so its not the best scan but what is the "real" reason for the rejection??

    This ( and many other similiar threads ) should hopefully result in this far too undetailed , inaccurate rejection reason finally getting rejected - c'mon screeners, give more detailed info as to why these rejects happen. !!!
    I know dig. man. is being reappraised and will hopefully be gone soon, but in the meantime, some more info would be appreciated.

    Thanks for any (!!) comments,
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    You mean besides that great big halo around the gear?


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      Well you did overdo your edit as it almost glow out of the pic.

      Normally the colours will change rapidly when you adjust it.

      Notice the white area at the gears. Or simply look at all over the plane, Tail to Nose.
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        Here's one of mine, rejected for digital manipulation.


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          Donīt you see the halo around the plane. It is really obvious around the landing gear.
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            Originally posted by seahawk
            Donīt you see the halo around the plane. It is really obvious around the landing gear.
            Now you mention it, yes I do. Will try again with that one then!



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              Looks like overuse of shadows/highlight tool.You can clearly see the problem around the landing gear and right engine.Also a bit oversharpened on the cheat lines........this photo would require selective sharpening.
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