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Contrast problems.

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  • Contrast problems.

    Hi all, first post here and I could do with a little help. The following two pics have been rejected twice now for bad over/under contrast. Trouble is, they look OK on my monitor so I don't know whether to adjust up or down !
    With the difference in how different monitors display, I could do with some guidance on which way to go with these two.

    If it 'ain't broken........ Don't try to mend it !

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    I can say that both of them are undercontrasted. A slight overexposure on the white area but not much.

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      Both look a little jagged as well but I'd say it's nothing that can't be fixed without starting over with the originals. You can send me the originals if you would like.
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        All of your shots at that time when we screened all looked to have the same bad contrast so i'd guess that your monitor is not setup correctly. There are some programs around that will assist you in this process.

        Steve Brown


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          Thanks for the advice folks. I have an LG Studioworks 995E monitor. I went to the monitor adjustments control and found that contrast was set to 100/100. Hardly surprising then that I'm getting contrast rejections. I've set it now to 85/100. Any comments on that setting and also, could someone point me to a monitor setup programme ? I used to have a freeware one, the name of which I forget but I lost it all, along with a great deal more in a disastrous computer crash. I'll reprocess the LET pic and post again in this forum if that's OK ? for some comments.

          Jordan. Thanks for your kind offer. I may well take you up on that in the future but for now I would like to continue the learning process on my machine. I do hope you understand the motive and reasoning in that ?

          OK, so here's a rework from the original with changed monitor settings.

          Dust spot removal, levelled and centred, brightness and contrast, and one pass of USM at 500, 0.2, 0.

          Is it me or does there seem to be a better balance of exposure between the overall aircraft and the open, but shaded door ?

          Anyway, what do you think ?

          If it 'ain't broken........ Don't try to mend it !


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            Looks much better.


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              Stefan don't you think it needs another boost of contrast? Theres still that white cast over the shot.


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                Hi Brian, well the re-work is a lot better but it could still do with a touch of saturation and contrast but it is not that far off.



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                  Thanks for the comments Jid, and may I say how nice it is to get screeners comments on this site as well as other uploaders. I have made a further upload with a couple of small tweaks along the lines that you suggest. We'll see what happens next.
                  If it 'ain't broken........ Don't try to mend it !


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                    The re-worked is nearly to saturated for my personal taste.

                    @ Sam

                    Yes, it could have used a very little bid of contrast and saturation, but it is well acceptable the way the it is.


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                      Stefan. Needed a little bit of more work there, the one he posted after his rework on the orig. still contrasted like Sam said. Or is it just me. ?

                      Anyway Brian, You can download this free Nokia Monitor Test. Works fine with me when I used it.

                      Tell me if you need help. There's a manual with the download on what you have to check for.

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                        No, it is not just you. The pic in post #5 could still use a bit more contrast, yet is is already in the acceptable range.


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                          ^^Oh no offense to the photographer.

                          I guess every screener is different from one to another. I know it need more contrast and all that. But I cant see how come it can be already in acceptable range without doing a little bit more work there. But Im not being disagreeing with you . NOT at all. I just want to hear what's your opinion further more about this.
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                            Quoting Maxpower "^^Oh no offense to the photographer."

                            ...and none taken my friend. Thanks for the link to the monitor test software. I'll have a play with it after tonight's night shift. God, I HATE nights !!

                            Your comment on every screener having a different view extends to every viewer having a different view !!
                            This is why I think it's essential to have your monitor set up to the optimum so you at least know that you're starting in something close to the correct viewing conditions.

                            I'd also like to say that I have received more help in a couple of days on this site than months we say...."ANother site" !!
                            If it 'ain't broken........ Don't try to mend it !


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                              Did something right !!

                              Well, I obviously did something right because both the LET turboprop and the YAK 52 have now been accepted to the database. I really do rather have a feeling of achievement and its all down to the help received on this forum. Many thanks to all concerned.

                              Lets hope I can bring back some useful pics from Crete next week where I have a short break booked.
                              If it 'ain't broken........ Don't try to mend it !