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  • Soft rejection

    Can anyone explain this please...
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    Hi Greg, No - I can't. But I don't work here. It looks awesome to me. Just sharpen it up a bit more and resubmit?

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      I can see, why the screener rejected it (example: windows between cockpit and wing). But I would appeal it.

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        looks like a great shot, I would be afraid if you tried sharpen it would be rejected again for jaggies...

        I would try an appeal myself


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          Originally posted by LX-A343
          I can see, why the screener rejected it (example: windows between cockpit and wing). But I would appeal it.

          I got this problem a little while ago, How about using selective sharpen to the various spots where it needed to have sharpen abit.
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            Hi Greg ,

            I can explain it....

            I was one of the screeners that screened your shot , It's incredibly soft in the front half of the plane , certainly not as sharp as you usually upload


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              I was another screener on this one.

              I also thought the front half of the plane was very soft, noticable around the titles.

              Maybe some selective sharpening would be needed?

              Steve Brown


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                Thanks for the replys.......a bit pushed for time at present.I'll be back with a reply.
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                  I would say it is fine as it is Greg, try the appeal route.



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                    Im back.
                    I thought I would reply in detail as it was a hit and run initial post….been a bit busy.
                    Yes I was a touch surprised at the rejection,compounded by the fact that my last few rejections of much the same quality have been noted as soft or exposure,so basicly I was after some sort of feedback.Thank you all for whatever viewpoint you had.
                    I have reservations on appealing,and granted it is very integral part of the system,however one would expect (and has been confirmed ) that this photo would have been seen by at least 2 screeners.Now I do not agree with them,but a decision has been made.(arseholes ).
                    Personally I prefer to re-edit,find another in the sequence or look for a rubbish bin………just the way this old head of mine works.
                    If it was a one off photo or the que was 10,000 I would probably hit the button.
                    I'll throw it through PS tomorrow.
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