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Sensor Dust Spots - how to address?

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  • Sensor Dust Spots - how to address?

    I've had a few rejections in the last few days due to sensor dust spots, the attached being one.

    How do you fix this - not the photo, but the camera? Before I went out to photograph yesterday, I cleaned what I thought was the sensor, but I'm obviously not doing things right.

    What exactly should I be doing? And what should I use - a blower brush? A cloth? is the biggest database of aviation photographs with over 5 million screened photos online!

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    Clone them out of the photo.
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      Or you can follow this tutorial! You have to scroll about half way down the page.


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        If your going to want the sensor cleaned and if you haven't done it before, i would advise you to take it to a camera shop that can do it. Thats what personally i would do, if its done wrong, your stuffed basically to put it bluntley
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          Originally posted by Greg Wilson
          Clone them out of the photo.
          I would actually opt to use the "heal" tool it makes a much cleaner job and doesn't leave smudges


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            ^^ Yes I concur. I have started using the Healing tool only like 2 months ago. Works helluva lot better like above member said. .
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