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    Let me light the flame under my own ass even more...
    I was looking at some of his other photos (most of which are nice like the LAX sunset shots and a couple of his other motion blur shots) but then I came to this one...


    I mean come on now. Sure there's motion blur but look at the tail and the reg! NOT TO MENTION HOW NOT IN THE CENTER OF THE FRAME THIS THING IS.

    flame away! (It spices things up around here hehe)


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      Originally posted by BA747-436
      In future If you have an issue with a photo, it would be more tasteful to contact the admin crew or senior screeners and bring it to their attention rather than name and shame on a public forum.


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        So you took the time to go through this guys photos and continue to question if they belong in the DB????? Maybe you should spend more time worrying about critiquing your own photos!I didn't see any 1/25th shots in your us how its done then!!!!

        "Sorry Goose, but it's time to buzz the tower!"


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          I don't think the screeners can win either way. They accept the shot and people post asking why they have been accepted and when there rejected you obviously get people moaning.

          TBH I think they do a great job and I suppose they do make mistakes from time to time.


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            Yep, we do make mistakes, but the first shot in the original post was correctly accepted IMO. It's a great shot, as mentioned many times already. Even the second one is still acceptable IMO. But of course, we can have a closer looks at some photos and raise the bar. No problems

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              I think the second looks even better than the first IMO.