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  • Added a new workflow

    Since I really don't use my basic overview as my primary workflow anymore, I've found new tricks so I added a new workflow to include those tricks. This one uses some of Jeff Miller's actions/masks, noteable changes from the basic overview include discarding the dodge and burn tools, as well as the brightness/contrast adjustment.

    The workflow itself can be found here:

    Hope this helps!

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    Some interesting steps there, which I'll gladly give a try .... once I get some time to go the airport that is

    Thanks for sharing!

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      Yes nice one Eric, I really must re work my workflow as it is well out of date and still includes the use of the dreaded shadow and highlight feature of CS!!


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        When you get your workflow updated could you e-mail me a copy so I can include it on the list with Jeffs, Ferguls, Kyles, and mine? I think it would be cool to have one central reference for people to go to for things like this.


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          Hey Eric. Thank you for th update.

          Hope my editing will also be better now. Since I began to upload here, I have always used your workflow, some got rejected, many of them accepted because of you. So many thanks to you mate !

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            Thx Eric is this going to be available in PDF format like the basic one ?


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              At the moment I'm not sure, I tried to get it in word but for some reason my FTP client wont transfer the .doc. I sent it to Jason, he does the PDF to see if he could do it but I'm not sure if he still has the software.


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                Eric, I can convert a .doc to .pdf if required.



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                  Had a quick look at your collection of workflow's Eric, and, apart from Ferguls excellent basic one, there isn't anything for Elements. I've got E.4 and I am frankly struggling to master some of the finer points. Layers in particular.

                  What I do at the moment gets me by, but I am damn sure I could do a lot better.

                  Any suggestions?