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    Originally posted by tomas_cubero
    Thumbs down because at the time I posted this, I wasn't very happy. This was the third or foruth time something completely irrelevant was given to one of my appeals, funnily, I never suspected that there was such a glitch, because most of the times the appeals were replied with a "Tomas" at the start, that's why I didn't think of the glitch. This was a special case I guess.
    I'm deeply sorry for what have happened to you from the past. Like you said its the third or fourth. Alright, but everytime you have got a reason for what it was. I know you were suspecting anything else but some glitches again. I understand you were curious to find what the hell is up with this again. Tomas ! I'll second what Kukkudrill said though. About reviewing the photo and maybe re-upload. !

    Originally posted by Diddy
    Sucks to be the headscreeners
    It was the first thing I similarized it with. lol..
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