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  • Request for Help: Chachu207


    I've been trying to upload photos to JP for ages now, and all of them get rejected for some reason or another. I never seem to get the editing just right, so I was wondering if someone could have a go, and see if they can get some of them up to par. This one if of a Defence Helicopter Flying School, Eurocopter Squirrel taken at Waddington Airshow last Saturday. This is the original image, as I think I may have had too much contrast in the edited version that I submitted.

    There are also these which have been rejected:

    Any help would be appreciated,

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    Hi there well to be honest you will strugle with moving subjects with your particuar camera. It produces a lot of chromatic aberation and seems very soft. You might be able to safe the Eurocopter with some careful adjustments (unlike mine below). Try some static shots in good light.



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      Here's a quick work of the C130.

      *I cropped and resized to 1024.
      *Applied white balance using the curves function eyedropper (using the wings of the white aircraft in the lower right background)
      *small brightness and contrast adjustment.
      *2 passes of USM at 200, 0.2, 0.

      ...and very similar for the Chinook. White balance reference point was the white of the RAF roundel.

      They still may not be to JP standards but I think they're better. How about the rest of you ? Particularly the screeners who may venture by this thread ?
      If it 'ain't broken........ Don't try to mend it !


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        Well Brian the C130 is definatly not upto DB standards, the Chinook is closer but just lacking in contrast.



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          You can always trust Jid to be one of the first in line

          I agree about the 130 comment and thought so at the time when I had a quick go at it.
          I like the general presentation of the Chinook, let's face it, the pilot could almost be posing for the photographer and this is probably the most salvageable of the three examples given.
          The RNZAF 757 is badly out of focus at the rear end and sadly unrecoverable.

          The three examples given also highlight the problem with photography of dull painted military aircraft. Getting the exposure and contrast right is a total bitch with them.

          A few words of advice.......

          ......don't rely on my advice My rejection rate has been awful lately.
          If it 'ain't broken........ Don't try to mend it !


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            How about this then. Like I say, Camo and dull matt colours are a bitch to process.....

            Oh, and by the way, as a motorcyclist, THAT'S what I call a wheelie !!!
            If it 'ain't broken........ Don't try to mend it !


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              Thanks very much for all the replies, and I appreciate all the help i've got. Going by the feedback on the photos so far, I might need to get a choose some different photos.

              One which I (personally) like is at, and another is Both are close up shots taken at Waddington.