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    A SC is not about technical quality, it is about the "WOW" Facote. Now what one considers to be "wow" might be different for every one and that is no different wit hte screeners. SC just means that one screener thought that the pic was "wow", not more not less. And considering the light, the vapor trails, and the composition the pic in the first post is "wow" imho. Although I did not screen it, if you want to know.


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      If I look at a photo and the first thing that pops into my mind when I see the photo is "WOW!" then usually I tick the SC box. Admitedly there's photos that could possibly have rejected for technical faults but get SC, the reason is, as I said above, the "WOW!" factor.

      Composition goes a long way (and is a bit more important than technical details)


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        After being a screener for a couple of months now, here is my take on SC.

        As I see it Jetphotos is not just about uploading pictures of aircraft but also encouraging aircraft photography. I first came to this site after being repeatedly discouraged by the Blue site when I was trying to learn. I was thankul for this as getting photos accepted made me want to get better and better examples up. So for me, the aim of this site is to encourage and promote aircraft photography.

        The Screeners Choice is another level of this sites way of encouragement. From me, for a photo to get my SC vote, a picture doesn't necessarily have to be pixel perfect, sharp as a tack and noise free. Sometimes the motive of the shot counts. If the photographer has gone the extra bit to get that unusual angle, or combination of all the various elements coming together (weather, lighting, condensation, angle) then that shows a bit of initiative and would like to see that rewarded by giving that pic an SC.

        Another way would be if the photographer has tried a different photographic technique (e.g. panning shot) and made it look very good, I'm not going to pull apart the shot and say well that bit is a bit jaggy etc. The reward should be that you tried and got there, maybe not 100% perfect, but worthy of inclusion as an SC to encourage the photographer to refine his/her techniques. It's also to show to others that maybe they could try this technique for themselves and encourage others.

        If you want to pixel peep and pull apart the SC photos, go right ahead. But the reason a pic gets an SC is not necessarily for having a high price camera and 7 trillion mm lens that can produce amazing shots, but to encourage photographers to do that little bit extra and improve themselves.

        Encouragement is what it is all about.

        Steve Brown


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          Well said Screeners ! Thanks for poking a hole in the balloon !

          I hope Cordy can leave Jians photos (QBiAnZaI) alone now.
          Although I think The photographer dont give a damn how another member (like you) thinks about his jagged, oversharpened photo and noisy photo that has an SC award to it.

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            I liked the shot, hence SC. When I'm screening I don't stick my nose right up against the screen and search out everything that may be wrong, if all the screeners did that the queue would be massive and we would have like 6 pics in the d/b. I lean back and look at the whole image, and in this case, the whole image is a SC imo. Once again though I'm failing to see the point in questioning the screeners consistency and the ability of the photog.
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              I don't see why the screeners should have to explain there reason over a screeners choice, if it's a rejection and the photographer is looking for information then maybe yeah.

              If the picture isn't yours and you want to know why it's got a screeners choice then keep it to yourself... If it's not your shot then leave it because if I was QBiAnZaI and I started looking on the forums i'd be pretty peed off!

              Just my opinion.


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                Firstly let me say that I see no problem at all in discussing other members photographs as long as the discussion is mature and sensible.
                I find it strange,how as photographers,we will only accept the comments that praise our work.If we put our work on show we should be able to accept any and all ctiticism.
                Threads such as this usually fuel emotion of some kind,and I would certainly not like to see one every ten minutes.
                However members do have concerns,and at times doubts need to be aired.
                We all know that a screening process is the only available means of controlling content and quality.
                Unless badly presented,posts such as these should not be seen as an attack on the photographer,or the screener(s). We all understand where and what decisions are made,but members have the right to differing opinions.
                Yes there is a fine line between what is or is not acceptable criticism,or what constitutes unwanted antagonism.For us to have a healthy and active forum,discussion needs to be fair and open.
                Maybe there are a lot of members that have a misunderstanding of SCI suppose
                it was thought of as a photo that was required to meet all the upload quality standards,
                plus have that something special.
                I really would like to ask questions and make some statements relating to some of the answers and comments on this post but I have no confidence that discussion can be kept positive.
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                  I'm gonna sound like a huge pussy but there's a difference between constructive criticism+advice than "how the hell did this get on here or get a sc".


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                    Originally posted by JordanD
                    I'm gonna sound like a huge pussy but there's a difference between constructive criticism+advice than "how the hell did this get on here or get a sc".
                    I totally agree Jordan!


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                      I have just browsed all his photo's and must say that they are all pretty decent


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                        I think enough has been said -
                        Please try to draw a positive from this thread, your shots don't have to be technically perfect to get an SC, maybe just a little luck and imagination