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How much is too Much????

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  • How much is too Much????

    How much is too much deadspace in shots???
    I just got this rejected shot which i found abit harsh judging on previous shots ive browsed upon in database and they seem to have some deadspace too.
    Also Subject (Aircraft) i wouldnt say is too far and still filling most of the frame.

    Now just doing a quick search of last 60 odd screener choice shots and i found atleast 4 shots that contain quite abit of deadspace at front/rear and well couple of them could of had tighter crops too like my shot.

    Ok my reason behind selecting Screeners choice is they attract alot of views so photographers can base their edits on what they see which screeners see as special.





    Okay i admit i could of done a tighter crop aswell but thought leaving Controller Tower and spotters watching it roll past might add some spice to the shot instead of just usual side on shot of jumbo rotating but guess screeners didnt see this...

    Im not here to criticize the screeners i just would like to know whats acceptable and whats not.

    Cheers Mark.
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    G'day Mark,

    One of the determining factors on shots that show a lot of space around the plane is the motive of the shot.

    Noting those shots above, the motive of the shot was to show the plane in the atmosphere around it (e.g. sunset, dirt airfield).

    I guess the screeners took a look at it and considered the surrounds of the pic not good enough for the motive (e.g. Cut off Tower, fenceline, blurry spotters).

    I would say though, that from my point of view it was a border line too far rejection, but it was voted on by Three different screeners so it did go through the process.

    Hope this helps, and I'll see you on the mound next time around.

    Steve Brown