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New camera, some tips please??

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  • New camera, some tips please??

    Hello there,

    I just bought a EOS 350XT and if there's no problem I would like to request some tips from the Canon users please.

    I know about the Sunny 16 and to learn Manual. I've noticed some of my pictures after working, resizing them and saving it at 12 quality (Photoshop), the total file size doesn't exceeds 500kb, and the picture quality is the Large but Fine one.

    Also I've noticed some compression, any other tips?


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    I'm not so sure what you are asking, do you mean you think the file sizes should be larger after editing and re-sizing? Well that would depend on the size of the image. If it is 1024 by xxx for upload here, I dont see why it would be above 500kb. If the image is larger, it will have more resolution and the file will be bigger. BTW, there will always be some compression when you save it.


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      all my images are taken on medium fine and when edited and cropped to 1024x768 are always between 700k and 900k on save setting 12


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        Depends on the amount of detail in the shot too, mine varies from 400 KB to 900 KB, on 100 quality (12 in PS) at 1200x800 px

        Also maybe put it on Large Fine? If you notice compression while looking at them on JP that's cause there is a little bit done to save bandwidth.


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          Thanks for the tips guys,

          Will try to make some tests today.



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            Always shoot in the largest size! If that size is 1,000,000 x 968,000 shoot in that size! Then resize in Photoshop.

            RTFM again. Buy a book, or take a couple photography & photo-editing classes.


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              What they said lol, I was remembering the size wrong. they are indeed in the 400-900kb ballpark, sorry if I threw you off.


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                Originally posted by kcmh
                Always shoot in the largest size! If that size is 1,000,000 x 968,000 shoot in that size! Then resize in Photoshop.
                I disagree, shoot in the largest size your computer can handle

                Seriously, best advice now is to just go and take some photos.
                Sam Rudge
                A 5D3, some Canon lenses, the Sigma L and a flash


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                  Number 2 was compressed, the other ones not.
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                    Congrats on the new camera Andres. If you could pull of your shots with a point and shoot then I can't wait to see what you can do with a DSLR.


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                      Thanks a lot Jordan, that will give me some thumbs up