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  • Rejection help

    Tried some motion blur shots at London City. Something I haven't been very good at. I thought I'd nailed one finally but was rejected for blurry. Does the aircraft look that blurred?
    Any comments welcome.

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    I think the aircraft is acceptably sharp, but I would have rejected the picture for all the dust spots.


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      To be honest I can't seem to understand this rejection either. Maybe the screeners who screened it might be able to explain.

      If I had have screened it though, I would have definitely rejected it for underexposed/too dark and also for dust spots, as there's a large amount of them in the picture.




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        I could make a joke about it being rejected for a very blurry background ...

        ...but I won't. Then again, I think I just did !!

        About the only part of the aircraft that I can see as slightly blurred is the leading edge of the tailfin. Everything else as far as blurring is concerned is fine. The main landing gear especially is pin sharp.

        As Dale and Bruce have said however, it seems very dark and there are a lot of dustspots.

        How about this...+25 brightness and +5 saturation ( and the removal of 20 !! dustspots. Jeez, and I thought MY ccd was dusty ! )

        If it 'ain't broken........ Don't try to mend it !


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          Thanks for the comments. I didn't notice the dustspots as my laptop screen has a few marks on it some of which I can't get rid of. I checked my other pics from the day and this one seems to be the only one that has dust spots. Strange. Maybe the blurred background has highlighted them. I'll re-edit and try again.