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  • Request for help : The Arctic Adventure

    Hello...Well I have a backlog of about 3000 uploadable photos that I have put off for long enough. I recently uploaded most of my cabin shots taken thru the past few months. I have been amazed at how well those photos have done, 550+ views within days. I try and stray from the standard "down the center asile shot" on occasion, and normally haven't had a problem. I have however had just a few rejections within my last batch...All were coded to BAD Motive (I won't get started with what I think of that code). Normally this site has been great with feedback on photos - even if it wasnt rejected, this batch no insight as to what I did wrong... Can you guys take a quick look and tell me what made it bad motive, as some weren't to far off from those accepted a day before...Some of these were a tad difficult to shoot as only two rows of first class exist.

    For you cabin shot lovers, what do you look for, or expect in a cabin shot? I need ideas for future shots...Obviously Im running out of ideas

    Here are the rejects:

    Thanks for your quick response...
    Ryan The Arctic Adventure

    ...The Arctic Adventure

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    You need to get a good flash. That way you wont have to overexpose the windows and the dark seats wont be clogged in the dark areas as they are now, also you will get sharper images. Nothing wrong with the motives really... nothing in those three that really catch my eye though.


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      The last one seemed a bit blurry/soft, but you were taking the picture so you had a motive. I think maybe the first picture the screener didn't like the one row blocking the other row, maybe the angle on the second one could have been changed so you could see more of the rear cabin. Whenever I upload an unorthodox shot in the comments I include what my motivation was. So good luck.


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        Thanks for the replies guys...Can anyone else comment about my post? Ryan

        ...The Arctic Adventure


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          The first two were already removed by the time I saw your post, but the third could have been improved by several things.

          First off it has no real center of focus, unless you were highlighting the over-wing exit. If you were then it is too blocked by seat tops. I think a much better angle for this shot would have been to get as close to the starboard wall as possible and then shoot across to the port side so that you showed a much greater percentage of the total cabin.

          By cutting out most of the overheads you unintentionally made the photo seem darker, more gloomy. Open the zoom back enough to include them as well to lighten the shot more.

          Also on the overheads, since it appears that you remained behind after the flight to shoot, it would have been a better shot if you had taken a minute to close all the overhead doors to get the interior appearance the manufacturer intended. Be sure to let the cabin crew know in advance that you will be doing this and why so they don't think you are trying to hide something.

          Finally as previously mentioned, a good flash would have helped to bring out the seat colors and keep them from appearing to have that "Cattle Car" effect. Some flashes will give you an undesirable "pool of light" effect though so try the shot with and without flash and maybe even bracket the without flash shot and then go with the one that you like best.

          In general unless you are focusing on a specific interior detail try to keep your shot as open and airy as possible.


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            Thanks for the advice! The other two had already been appealed and now accepted...I apreciate your help...Ryan

            ...The Arctic Adventure