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Cloning on helo pictures

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  • Cloning on helo pictures

    I have a few helo shots where they are kicking up grass and such. As I clone out the "dust spots", am I allowed to leave the debris flying around or should I clean up all the spots?

    Doesn't seem right having a clear sky when a helo is hovering 2 ft off a grass strip, just want to cut down any rejections prior.


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    I guess it'd be easy to tell which one is sensor dust and which one is grass getting kicked up. I'd say leave it in because like you said it would really take away from the image. I guess it's possible some screeners might consider the grass to be an obstructing object??


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      I'd say leave it, but maybe you should post the photo so we can see it. Also you could just leave a comment to the screener saying that its the grass. - playing guitar


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        I know it needs to be cropped tighter, but I try to leave some of the outside for my own pictures.

        Thanks for the help,
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          I'd say it looks good, but just leave a comment just incase. Nice photo though.

 - playing guitar


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            Only clone out the dust spots. The Grass kickup is fine. There are a few examples in in the DB of Copters kicking up grass. When you submit just leave a note to the screeners about the grass/dust spots and you will be okay.

            If you do too much cloning and it starts to show you will get a manipulation rejection.

            Hope this helps

            Stephen Brown


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              I can't really see much grass on that pic. Nice shot btw.


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                thanks for the comments on the picture, and the direction on cloning


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                  odd, same exact picture and it gets rejected with 3 catagories....

                  - Dark / Underexposed
                  - JPG compression artefacts
                  - Bad quality


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                    You asked about cloning out grass, nothing else.

                    If you look at the sky, it looks like JPG compression, or as if you would look at it wtih a 16bit resolution. As we can't say for sure, if this is JPG compression or whatever else, you recieved also a "quality" rejection. Perhaps it's also only noise.

                    Then, it looks a little bit underexposed.

                    In my opinion, absolutely salvageable.

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                      thanks Geraldo, I'll try again from a different angle shot I have.

                      Appreciate the info