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Need help with this rejection please

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  • Need help with this rejection please

    - Horizon unlevel
    - Categories wrong or missing
    - Bad Info in the following field(s): Airline,Aircraft,Registration
    - Watermark too intrusive

    First off, I thought the screeners couldn't reject due to watermarks? I've been told this twice, yet I still get this rejection reason. Why have a dark setting if you are going to reject because of it?

    Should the category been Runway/airport? I don't know why I would need the airline, aircraft when my other airport photo's don't have this info. is the biggest database of aviation photographs with over 5 million screened photos online!

    Where is the horizon, the shot was taken from a plane banking, not sure how turning the photo CW would change anything?

    appreciate any insight on this, tried to use my other photo as how to upload this one.

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    The watermark rejection is because of your own watermark in the lower left corner!
    Then, as explained in the upload page:
    NOTE: For airport shots as Control Tower, Terminal, etc... type in the Airport 4 letter code in both the Registration and Airport fields.
    By doing so, the infos will be correctly set in the different fields. The only thing you will have to do is to select the correct entry from the "airline" field (runway, airport overview, tower, ramp). The "airport" category will automatically be selected. However, you will also have to select "wing view", if you took this photo out of an aircraft or whatever other flying object.

    The vertical lines should be level. This photo needs some CW rotation.

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      thank you Gerardo for the explanation, I didn't even realize I had my own on there.