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  • Image size?

    Are there any constraints on the image size that one can use, other than receiving permission for a larger upload size to 1600 pixels?

    I upload at a 3:2 ratio (1024x682 or 1280x853 pixels) and I would like to use a smaller height when cropping an image. After all what's the point of including a load of sky without any aircraft ones picture?

    I've noticed that the photographers at the local camera club are not constrained by the sensor size or the 3:2 ratio when cropping their photos and quite frankly they get results. However, this is not the local camera club, hence my asking.

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    There are no constraints at JP to the image size ratio. Of course if the ratio you use is detrimental to the image it may be subject to a 'cropping' rejection.

    Hope this helps .. Jid


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      IMO if you crop too much you "suffocate" the plane. Leaving not enough space around it. 1024x682 is a pretty good size I think.


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        That is good news, I am glad thet Jetphotos has an enlightened attitude towards cropping.

        I am in favour of space around a picture rather than being unable to slide a 50 thou feeler between the aircraft and the frame..... and sometimes the background is just as interesting as the subject, which is a no no for club photography.



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          Indeed this is a difference between most aviation websites and 'photo clubs'. The first thing a friend of mine who is a 'club member' said when I showed him my shots was " they have nowhere to fly!"

          But you do have to remember that this is an aviation website and a good backdrop maybe nice but the main motive should always be the aircraft

          Cheers .. Jid