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    After a whole day shooting I noticed I had the camera set to Auto ISO for every picture so in the end I was only able to get three pictures with the sunset in the background that were any good but they were all rejected.

    Any help?

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    Nice try Michael, the highlights on the first and last one are burnt out - over exposed. However I like the compositions, got a great feel to them.

    Did you tick the "artistic" box?

    The noise on the EMB spoils what is a nice atmospheric photograph. Try resizing it down to 800 and see if the noise has diminished enough to resubmit.

    It may be worth marking this one down to experience and trying again.... there may be another day like today in Edinburgh around February time

    My darlin' hid my camera to make me get on with the DIY or I would have been out myself shooting flexwings at Scone.


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      Those are all great photos, but the first one feels weird because the sun is cut off in the middle. Also the second and thrid are kinda the same photo just one has the sun and one doesnt. - playing guitar


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        Hi Michael,

        Make sure you have the correct catagory tickied when you submit these type of shots. had a little play with them hope you dont mind.